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Better Treatment

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Top Doctors

Receive care from specialists in top U.S. hospitals, including Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and the Cleveland Clinic.
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Get comprehensive explanation of diagnosis and treatment options from world-renowned specialists working on cutting-edge treatment research.
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Fast, Secure Access

Using your smartphone or computer, receive your second opinion diagnosis and treatment plan in just a few days.
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Lower Cost

Using an intuitive online system, save money on hospital visits and unnecessary procedures.
Specialized Medicine

Our doctors have unparalleled expertise. As researchers and clinicians, they recommend proven, cutting-edge treatment for your condition.

Doctors When You Need Them

Getting appointments at hospitals can take months. Our top-rated specialists are available in a matter of weeks.

Patient-Friendly Service

Talk by video from the comfort of your home. Set up appointments from your smartphone. Let us coordinate the paperwork. Medicine doesn’t get easier.



At American Remote Health, our mission is simple: To provide patients with the best medical care, using innovative technology to cut costs. We offer a radical improvement in the way medicine is practiced. Rather than forcing patients to visit hospitals—which can require long drives, hotel costs, and even flights—American Remote Health allows patients to receive medical care online, using smartphones and computers.

Patients can consult with doctors at top U.S. hospitals. Our doctors are leading experts in a wide variety of conditions, including chronic diseases and numerous cancers. Our doctors are also pioneering researchers at these hospitals, and can offer the most current, scientifically proven recommendations for your treatment. Still, our doctors’ support comes at a fraction of the traditional cost, thanks to innovations in communication technology—the savings from which we pass on to you.

The best medical care shouldn’t be reserved for the few patients who has access to it. That’s the philosophy behind American Remote Health.

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