American Remote Health  offers a vast improvement in the delivery of health care. To see why, consider the following.

Top doctors. American Remote Health has a network of world-renowned doctors. These physicians, who are also researchers, and leader in their specialty most of them work at the top-10 U.S. hospitals, and are available at a fraction of the conventional price.

Personalized care. In conventional medicine, patients often have to fend for themselves. But at American Remote Health, our physician liaisons coordinate care with your doctors. They handle the paperwork. And they develop a personalized treatment plan, built specifically for your needs.

Improved access. Many patients don’t have access to the U.S.’s top doctors. Yet, whether living internationally or in a rural area, all patients deserve the best medical care. Telemedicine helps bridge this health care gap, allowing anyone with a smartphone or an internet connection to receive care.

Better diagnoses. Misdiagnoses are costly. With one in eight cancers misdiagnosed, the costs are high—financially, physically, and emotionally. Our expert second opinions ensure you’re getting the treatment you need, whether you’re being treated for cancer or a chronic disease.



Our telemedicine platform offers you an incredible opportunity: to receive care from the world’s best doctors, at a fraction of the conventional cost. It’s the core of American Remote Health’s mission.

To learn more about our services, you can browse our site, or you can contact us today to speak with one of our physician liaisons.