The best care for chronic diseases can be hard to find. With top doctors dispersed throughout the U.S., traveling to a leading physician can be a challenge. Add to that the high costs associated with hospitals, and it’s understandable why many patients can’t secure the best care for diseases such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

Yet there’s an alternative to this costly system. With American Remote Health, you can get the highest-quality service, from the U.S.’s top doctors, without ever leaving your home. Even better, the services come at a fraction of the conventional cost.

Chronic Disease Care

Like our TeleCancer services, we offer our medical care completely online, through an intuitive smartphone app and cloud-based software. Other benefits include:

  • Expert evaluation of your treatment. Our doctors come from top-10 U.S. hospitals, and are researchers in their fields. After reviewing your records and chatting with you by video, your doctor will recommend the best, science-backed course of treatment for your condition.
  • Personalized care. Our physician liaisons develop a personalized treatment plan for you. Even better, they coordinate care with your doctors. This can save you time, while improving the quality of your overall medical care.
  • Savings on travel. You don’t need an airplane ticket for your next appointment. All of our services are online. Using our secure smartphone app, you can chat with doctors and upload medical records, all without leaving home.
  • Lower costs. Providing care online helps us cut costs. We pass those savings on to you. This offers you the best medical care available in the U.S., at a fraction of the conventional price.
  • Ongoing care. Our physician liaisons and doctors monitor your developing conditions, recommending different treatments when necessary.

You might live far from a top research hospital. But that doesn’t mean you can’t receive care from its leading physicians.

At American Remote Health, we strive to make the best medical care available to everyone, regardless of patients’ locations or financial constraints. This is the core of our mission.

You can learn more by calling us today. You can also enroll online, using our simple smartphone apps and secure web forms. Chronic disease care is currently only offered for international patients, though we plan to expand our services in the future.