Sometimes the best medical care isn’t available close to home. Seeing a top physician can require a long flight—not to mention a U.S. visa and a hotel room for international patients, and time that you don’t have.

American Remote Health can help. We make medical care a seamless process for out-of-town patients. This not only saves you time and headaches. It can cut costs and improve your health.


No lost time

Out-of-town patients lose time and money while staying in hotels, awaiting treatment. Sometimes hotel visits can span weeks, as tied-up paperwork stalls procedures.

Our concierge specialists can minimize these expenses. We make sure hospitals have the paperwork they need, and we coordinate your airplane flights and hotel stays. You can arrive in town the night before a procedure. And you can leave when you’re ready to go home.


Finding the right doctor

Our physician liaisons can also help you find the right doctor. Not sure whether to visit a general oncologist or a pancreatic specialist? We’ll find the right physician for you, and we’ll set up the appointment so you don’t have to.

Long-distance medical care can be expensive and challenging, whether you live in the U.S. or abroad. But with American Remote Health’s concierge services, life can be a whole lot easier—and medical care can be much less expensive.

You can learn more about our services by calling us or chatting online with a physician liaison. If you’re ready to get started, you can download our smartphone app and create an account.

We look forward to providing the care that all long-distance patients deserve.