At American Remote Health, we strive to offer the best, affordable health care. But we also place a huge value on patients’ trust—trust that their medical data is safe, private, and secure.


We ensure that your medical data remains encrypted, whether you’re uploading an x-ray or chatting with your doctor. Your data remains protected in our two-way communications, so no outside parties can access information they shouldn’t.

While treating you, we may seek the following information:

  • Past medical records
  • Descriptions of current symptoms
  • Past medical scans
  • Information about your medical history

We use this information to ensure you receive the best diagnosis and treatment plan. This information is limited to your doctor and physician liaison, who coordinates your care. We do not release this information, unless you grant us permission to do so.

Telemedicine offers an incredible opportunity to provide the highest-quality care, at a fraction of the conventional cost. This is a core part of American Remote Health’s mission. But crucial, too, is that patients feel a deep trust in our services, and that you receive the same privacy and security you’d find in a traditional hospital.

If you have questions about data security or privacy, don’t hesitate to call us. We’d be happy to walk you through the steps we take to protect your information.