Health care is a tremendous expense for employers. With costs continuing to soar, it’s no wonder that businesses are looking to save money, both by improving employees’ health and finding efficient health care solutions.

American Remote Health offers a proven model to accomplish both goals. For small and large businesses, our telemedicine services can bring down health care costs. At the same time, our doctors can improve employees’ health and boost their productivity.


So, how does it work? We offer care from the U.S.’s foremost doctors. They’re physicians at top U.S. hospitals, but they’re also academic experts in their fields. Through this network, we offer a suite of services. These include diagnoses verification, second opinions, treatment plan,  and continuous health monitoring.

Our model also improves patients’ health. With care from expert physicians, patients can avoid unnecessary procedures, while receiving the best medical treatment wherever you live and with very short time. We are to go place when you need medical help.

Our services are delivered online, through smartphone apps and computer software. This dramatically cuts costs. However when there is need to transport a patient to one of our affiliation university we help in all the logistic and to be sure the patient start the treatment in same day of their arrival to the hospital to eliminate waste of time and ensure best result.

Having our service available to your employers, it will help your business to recruit best candidate to work in any part in the world and yet they will receive the treatment as same slandered care if they living in D.C. or Boston.

The benefits for your business are numerous.

  • Employees are eligible for American Remote Health no matter where they live, and no matter the size of your business.
  • Our physicians save money—and boost productivity—by recommending evidence based medicine, by eliminating unnecessary procedures, and outdated medicine.
  • Employees don’t have to travel in order to see best specialists. All care is delivered online, and coordinate the treatment with your local doctor and hospital.
  • If it is important we help you to travel and admitted in one of our top affiliated universities where you will be treated with our doctor who knows your case very well.
  • We bundle our services for individual employees and their families.

Improving employees’ health doesn’t have to come at a huge expense to your business. With American Remote Health, your employees can benefit from the top doctors in the U.S.—without missing work by spending time in a waiting room.

We work with large and small businesses, and we strive to price our services at a very affordable cost. To learn more, contact us today.