The Basics

What is Telemedicine?
What is academic medicine?
What is evidence-based medicine?
Does American Remote Health handle emergencies?


Accessibility and Cost

How much does the service cost?
What forms of payment do you accept?
Do you take health insurance?
Can I use American Remote Health for all of my health issues?
Can American Remote Health be accessed on mobile devices?
Can I use American Remote Health’s services while traveling?
What is your average response time?
What languages are offered?



What document formats do you accept?
Can I send information through email and Skype?


Providers and Patients

Who are the American Remote Health’s doctors?
Do you take international patients?
Do you help in visa for internationals patient and their families?
What happens if I miss a follow-up appointment?
Do you issue prescriptions?


Security and Privacy

Is your service secure?
Is my electronic health record private?