Community hospitals or hospitals out of United State can struggle to recruit specialists in all fields. From neuro-ophthalmologists to sub-specialists in oncology, community hospitals often cannot provide the specialized expertise that patients require.

American Remote Health provide these hospitals with the necessary doctors, affiliation with top university, and having consulting department, and the online platform for communication. This service will advantage edge for these hospitals to have better care for patients and to be associated with best academic hospitals.


At a dramatically lower cost than full-time physicians, we offer full access to:

  • Telestroke services, and neurology..
  • Heart vascular dieses.
  • ICU management and consulting.
  • Oncology consulting, covering a wide range of cancer treatment.
  • Surgical consulting across clinical settings.
  • Diabetes management, Kidney disease, COPD and pulmonary diseases.
  • Telepsychiatry, offered through secure encrypted video chat.

The benefit of American Remote Health lies in our network and our innovated online platform. We have a large network of leading U.S. physicians, from hospitals that include Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and the Cleveland Clinic, and other major top hospital in United State of America.

Our physicians are not only expert practitioners. They’re also leaders, and top researchers in their highly specialized fields. That means they have an unparalleled view of the latest and most promising treatments.

Your hospital may not have the capacity for full-time specialists. But our hospital consulting services can help. We can bring the U.S.’s top physicians into your hospital, no matter where you are, and at a cost that makes sense for over-extended clinics.

If consulting services sound like a good fit for your hospital, give us a contact us today.