lower-cost-treatmentIt’s no secret: medical care for chronic disease like cancer is expensive. Tests are costly, and so are surgeries. So are the days that long-distance patients spend in hotels, waiting for procedures.

With American Remote Health, you can cut these huge costs, and have the peace of mind that you are getting the best treatment available at best hospitals in world.—while still getting the care you need.

How does it work? By providing the best treatment we are eliminating the waste e associated with unnecessary procedures, or the outdated medicine. We believe those savings belong to you.

An expert second opinion can potentially cut significant costs from your health care. Consider a hypothetical consultation with a cancer patient, where the patient’s primary oncologist recommends an invasive surgery, one with a $200,000 price tag, Yet, after consulting with one of our academic experts, the patient learns that a the patient does not need this procedure, or there is a less invasive procedure is also available. It’s equally beneficial or better and it only costs $10,000.

Sounds like a good option, doesn’t it?

A treatment evaluation by one of our academic experts at American Remote Health could potentially lead to significant savings in treatment, emotional costs, and peace of mind that you getting best treatment yet you are living among your family, and no need to travel to top hospital ( if there is no procedure required)  .  Due to the fact our experts are familiar with the most current researches; they could provide alternatives not known to the patient’s primary oncologist, who doesn’t working within an academic hospital environment.

Sounds like an option you would want to choose for yourself?  Doesn’t it?

lower-cost-treatment2Our patients also save on travel. Many specialists are only available across state lines or different countries. For some patients, a 20-minute consultation requires an international plane ticket. These travel costs add up. But with American Remote Health, you can consult with the world’s top doctors via secure online, all while lounging on your couch.

Lower costs can improve your health, too. Increased access to specialists means it’s easier—and more cost-efficient—to get the treatment you need, rather than putting off treatment until symptoms worsen.

Lower costs, better care: they’re the advantages of American Remote Health’s telemedicine services.

You can learn more by calling one of our physician liaisons, or you can get started today by creating an account online. Our services are also available on smartphones, both for Android and iOS devices.