At American Remote Health, we aim to provide the best quality health care at the lowest cost. It’s that simple.

Consider the following:

  • In the U.S., medical care for chronic diseases accounts for more than 75% of the annual $2.8 trillion spent on health care.
  • As clinical research grows increasingly complex, community doctors find themselves increasingly unable to keep pace with developments in medicine.
  • One in eight cancers patients is misdiagnosed, at an enormous cost to patients.
  • 73% of cancer patients received a revised treatment after gaining a second opinion from an academic expert.

These illuminating trends explain why, now more than ever, American Remote Health plays a crucial role in health care. The best medical care comes from top doctors—those with world-renowned expertise. At the same time, these doctors are often unavailable to those who can’t afford their care, or who can’t travel to meet them.

This is a public health problem as much as a problem for individual patients.

And it’s a problem that American Remote Health is working to solve. Our telemedicine services connect patients to the top doctors in the U.S., no matter where patients live. Our physicians are not only expert caregivers. They’re also leading researchers, at institutions like the Mayo Clinic and Harvard.

Using innovative communications technology, American Remote Health removes the barriers that prevent patients from consulting with these doctors. That’s the core of our mission: to provide expert health care to those who need it, but who otherwise could not access it.

Ultimately, our goal is to improve our health care system, whether that means improving patients’ experiences, preventing unnecessary procedures, or reducing the number of misdiagnoses.

It’s an ambitious goal. But then again, great things start with big ambitions. 🙂