telepsychiatryMental health is crucial to our well being. Studies show that mental health can have far-reaching effects, touching everything from our marriages to our physical health.

Fighting chronic diseases and cancer, however, can take a toll on patients’ mental health. That’s why, alongside our TeleCancer and chronic disease services, American Remote Health offers telepsychiatry services.


A proven, innovative approach to mental health

As the name suggests, telepsychiatry takes place remotely. We offer psychiatric services by video chat, which research shows is just as effective as in-person treatment. You can chat through your smartphone or webcam, without leaving the comfort of your living room.

All our doctors are US board certified, and  trained to work with patients who suffer from cancer and other chronic diseases. Yet, as certified psychiatrists, they also specialize in a wide range of mental health care, including children’s mental health and adult psychiatry.

Telepsychiatry offers high-quality care. Yet there’s one major difference from conventional treatment: the cost. With innovations in communication technology, we cut major costs from medical care—savings that we pass on to you.


How it works

At your home, at your room with your physical privacy and preferred time, you can  chat by secure encrypted video ( Not Skype) with our expert psychiatrists. Our doctors maintain strict patient confidentiality and privacy.

Using our intuitive smartphone app and cloud-based software, or web portal video chat, you can set up appointments when you need them. Physician liaisons help you arrange the appointments, and they take care of the paperwork and coordination with other doctors. This is another burden off your shoulders.

To learn more about telepsychiatry, call us today. You can also download our smartphone app and get started with treatment with the expert at your home..